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Website Information

Website Information

All actual product designs on this website are trademarked, copyrighted, patent(s) pending and/or are already patented.   All have been invented, developed, and engineered by myself.

Thanks Much for your Support!

Stephen Fong aka head janitor and still working Viet Nam Vet. Remote Systems, Inc.

Thank You for Visiting!

Thank You for Visiting!

The products developed by Remote Systems, Inc., are not only one of a kind, but built to the highest quality standards.  Home of the Patented MouseGlider™, (Patent No.: US 7,997,544 B2), Escort Remote Radar  Conversions, ECM 5446 Radar Speed Gun Calibrator and now..........

The 2nd Generation kickstand4u™ Smartphone kickstand with the same sleek design with the Sure Grip™ feature now available!  Check out the new skins!

My latest Patent(s) Pending 2nd Generation kickstand4u™ mobile smartphone kickstand is stronger in every way with the added Sure Grip feature.  Designed to work perfectly with the Tablet Extender and Tripod Mount add-on's.
The best thing about kickstand4u™ mobile smartphone kickstand is that it is a "one size fits all", and will work on all mobile phones and tablets whether you use an external case or not.  The
the smallest, thinnest, lightest, snag-free multi-angle mobile kickstand with most functionality on the market today.

With kickstand4u™ smartphone kickstand, take advantage of these beautiful larger screens to view hands free or comfortably and securely hold in your hand without resorting to carrying another accessory which is cumbersome in itself.

Easily removable leaving no residue or damage to the attached surface, when using the "included" optional adhesives like the 3M Command Strips to make it even easier to remove, allowing it to be completely re-use-able and simpler to transfer to different devices or cases.

Check out the reviews from others, photo gallery, and videos.  Keep in mind that the kickstand4u™ products come with a 60 day satisfaction 100% full money back one year replacement guarantee.

Dedication to customer service and excellence is the goal!  Try my products, I think you will agree they are best of breed.  I appreciate your business, referrals, and reviews.  This helps me continue to improve and design new products.  Please be sure to contact me for any questions or problems.  All feedback is welcome.

Thanks for your interest in our products!

Remote Systems, Inc.

Patent Owner Patent No.: US 7,997,544 B2 and other Patent(s) Pending
Disclaimers: Videos, photos, drawings, illustrations, prices, and the like are subject to change without notice.

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