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ECM 5446 Sample Construction Plans

ECM 5446 Sample Construction Plans

Shown below are some sample pages from the actual ECM 5446 Construction Plans.  These pages were written with the beginner in mind.  For the more experienced kit builders, many of the pages would not be needed.

Easy to build if you follow the instructions.  The parts needed to build the ECM 5446 are available from just about any electronics parts house for around $100.00 or less.  The most expensive parts are the X, k, or ka band transmitters, and are probably around $300.00 per band.  Please check the links in the FAQ's here.

Please note that when the ECM 5446 is all assembled, and if you connect standard low powered transmitters to it, it will make for a very accurate radar speed gun calibrator.  If used with high powered transmitters, it is illegal to be used to jam police radar.  This kit will help you understand the radar calibration principles and will help in validating the accuracy of any radar gun. 

This is Not recommended for illegal use!

Construction Plans Cover Construction Plans Page 1 Construction Plans Page 2
Construction Plans Page 6 Construction Plans Page 7 Construction Plans Page 8
Construction Plans Page 20 Construction Plans Page 22 Construction Plans Page 26

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