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Air Blade - Easy 5 Minute Install

Air Blade - Easy 5 Minute Install

Improved Performance for your OEM Stock Air Intake
All pictures below are clickable so you can zoom in for a better view

Kit contains: one Air Blade - one Mounting Block - 2x #8 x 1 in. Self Tapping  Phillips Pan Head Screws or 2x #8/32 x1 in. Bolts with Nylon Locking Nuts - Street and Track Air Blade Design are exactly the same - only the material is different - the Track Version has a higher temperature rating where higher engine bay temperatures from hot lapping and from heat soaking after coming in after a Hot Track session and sitting with the hood closed could possibly cause a problem distorting the Air Blade if the Street Version were used for Track events.  If you can spend the dollars, the Track Version is the Best!  Who knows when you might start to track your car?

Make sure the Mounting Block is push into the splines as far as it will go, as it must be fully seated for correct installation - next take a 9/64" drill bit and use the existing holes in the Mounting Block as a guide and drill down and thru the Horizontal Spline and all the way thru the bottom of the Mounting Block

Place the Air Blade onto the Mounting Block - when mounted correctly, the Air Blade will simply fall into place and sit flush onto the Mounting Block - Note that the "notch" at the far left side of the Air Blade fits into the "Intake Horizontal Shelf" as shown

Carefully use a electric drill with the proper bit or use small downward pressure and hand tighten either the Self Tapping #8 x 1" Screw or the #8/32 x 1" Bolt-Nut until it is Snug - the screws will protrude slightly below the Mounting Block when tightened correctly will fully lock the Air Blade and Mounting Block in place

Check the two Pan Head Screws if using this type after a couple of weeks of driving to make sure that screws are still Snug - these engines tend to vibrate a lot - if it was loose, simply back the screw out and put a little dab of blue loctite, nail polish or superglue on the last few threads on the screw, and then re-tighten, this will help prevent the screw from rotating loose again - or you can use 2x #8-32 x 1" Pan Head Bolts and Nylon Lock Nuts

The Air Blade will now direct the incoming passenger side airflow smoothly into the Airbox opening - Great for those that do not want to open the Factory Block Driver's Side Air Intake Vents but still want to take advantage of the extra air flow

The Air Blade's Secret sits below the the opening, allowing it to grab some air and direct it smoothly to the Airbox while allowing the rest of the airflow to continue its way into the engine bay to minimize engine heat as intended

Existing OEM Stock Air Intake Duct and System Modified and Upgraded for Maximum Airflow Performance, better throttle response, decreased air intake charge and oil temperatures!

Optional Modification For More Direct Airflow into the Stock OEM Air Intake System - Plug the Drilled Holes or use Plugs with Vents Heyco part #2559 for Heavy Snow Areas like Minnesota in the Winter.  Then Simply Open Up again for the Summer

* My personal 2016 Audi S3 Prestige has a little more "zip" with these combined mod's listed below - they all work together as a package in a nearly hidden manner and TD1 free, my oil temps has also dropped anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees depending how it is driven: sporty driving, lazy man city driving, or heavy stop and go traffic - the improvement in throttle response, hp and tq are definitely noticeable and worth the effort

Remote Systems Air Blade - AFE Dry Flat Panel Air filter - Snow Guard Removal - ECS Tuning Silicone Turbo Inlet Hose - Burger Motorsports Turbo Inlet Elbow - Racing Line Turbo Muffler Delete - Neuspeed Piggy Back Power Module at 7lb setting using 93 Octane

Update: 04-15-20 - Removed Neuspeed Piggy Back Power Module - Installed Integrated Engineering Catted Cast Downpipe - IE Stage 2 ECU High Torque 91 Octane Tune and IE TCU Tune - The Tune over the NPM seems to have given a straight across the board a 20 to 23 degree drop in oil temps regardless of how it is driven vs the NPM giving only a 5 to 15 degree drop and IS dependent on how it is driven - Upper and Lower 034 Dogbone Mount Inserts using OEM Dogbone Arm - Intercooler possible future mod 

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