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If you are curious to know

If you are curious to know

Who Are We: We are Remote Systems, Inc. a small company based in Minnesota run by myself Stephen Fong and my wife Kirsten whose support and understanding for me building all my crazy gadgets on her dining room table that I always promised to keep clean, but fail to do so.

Some Product Designs I Have Developed

Some Product Designs I Have Developed

kickstand4u - tablet extender - tripod mount - mouse pad
ECM 5446 Active Jammer Speed Gun Calibrator - 4500R Remote Mount Escort - 5000R Remote Mount Escort

Remote Systems, Inc. is also the parent company and domain holder of MouseGlider.com and kickstand4u.com.  They all point to their respective sections here, and you can navigate freely to any product section.

We have been in business since 1980. 
I started out in radar conversion and developed the first remote mount Escort radar detector both in assembled and kit form.  Later on I designed the electronic active radar jamming and radar speed gun calibration systems to go along with it.  We have been the only source for the most powerful active radar jamming and super accurate speed gun calibrators available, the ECM 5446.  Currently we are only selling ECM 5446 Construction Plans, Circuit Boards, and Custom Heat-sinks.  Please Check the "ECM FAQ's and Reviews from major magazines.

After about year 2000, the radar business had slowed down and I took a position with a former radar customer who had a company that dealt in buying and selling mid-range computer servers, and where I designed some cyber center servers for Qwest until he sold his business in 2006.

I have always tinkered with various things through-out my life.  Mostly things that were not available to me that I wanted, or things that were available but were lacking in some way.  Thus, the main reason that I developed them in the first place.  Since then I have developed a variety other small projects and tweaks in various fields.  In 2005 I developed and patented the first Glide-able mouse pad.

My latest project design is a smartphone kickstand that I call kickstand4u™ with Sure Grip™, a slip on Tablet Extender™, and Tripod Mount.  The best thing about kickstand4u™ product, is that it will work on all
mobile smartphones phones, small and large tablets, e-readers etc. whether you use a case or not.  Keep an eye out for more add-ons and future development for this ultimate accessory!

Thanks for your interest in our products!

Remote Systems, Inc.

Patent Owner Patent No.: US 7,997,544 B2 and other Patent(s) Pending
Disclaimers: Videos, photos, drawings, illustrations, prices, and the like are subject to change without notice.

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