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Remote Systems FAQ's

Remote Systems FAQ's

Some FAQ's for you.  PLEASE READ VERY CAREFULLY before you order.  This should answer all of your questions!

Included here is some old information that I have put together.  To see a video done by various news stations that have tested the ECM in action, simply click on this News Video link to view.

We are not affiliated with anyone involved in the making of this video.  It was sent to us by one of our customers. 

Question: Will Remote Systems, Inc. ever build anymore completely assembled "mph/scrambler combo" or "scrambler only" units?

Answer: No.

Question: If I buy the "ECM 5446 Construction Plans", will there be any "technical support" when building the ECM?

Answer: No.  If you follow the instructions it is easy to build.  In fact a lot of people have built the ECM from just the pictures that are in the "ECM 5446 Construction Plans".

Question: How well does the ECM 5446 work?

Answer: In its prime (1984 thru 1990); it was the best available unit out there bar none!

As you can see by the March 1996 Car and Driver article, the ECM 5446 still did very well against the current crop of "jammers" that were available, even though the last R&D that Remote Systems, Inc. did on the ECM 5446 was back in 1990, six years earlier.  The current effectiveness of the ECM is about 75%.

Question: What do you mean it is only effective 75% of the time?  Or when will it "not work" at all?

Answer: There are many different brands and models of police radar guns.  If your state uses many different radar guns, you will have a pretty good chance of jamming most of them.  If your state has only one type of radar gun, and it is a radar gun that we cannot jam (although it can always be used to calibrate it), or if it is a band that you do not have, then obviously it will not work at all.

Question: What radar guns can the ECM 5446 "not" jam?

Answer: That is unknown, since our last test of various radar guns by Remote Systems, Inc. was many years ago.

You should be weary of anybody that says their products are 100% effective all the time, on all bands, and all radar guns.  If you believe that claim, I got some swamp land to sell you.

Question: Does Remote Systems, Inc. know what type of police radar guns are used in each state, and areas within the state so we can see if the ECM 5446 will be effective in my state?

Answer: No.  You will have to investigate those questions yourself.

Question: Will Remote Systems ever redesign the ECM 5446 so that it will work on all police radar bands?

Answer: Although the ECM 5446 was designed to operate only on X band and K band, it can be made compatible with all other police radar bands if powerful enough transmitters in the proper bandwidth where ever available.  The ECM 5446 would be compatible with those new bands via a simple internal voltage matching adjustment.

Question: How far does the current ECM 5446 jam?

Answer: You should be more concerned with "can the ECM 5446 jam at close range" which is yes, rather than how far.  It takes "power" to jam something up close, because of the larger target you must hide at that range.  The further away your vehicle is from the police radar the "less power" you will need to hide you, because you are a very small target at that distance.

Question: Are there any other "jammer type construction plans" available besides yours that are on the market?

Answer: I don't know  -  ours is tried and proven to "work" by major independent magazines and past customers.

Question: Where can I find all of the parts.

Answer: You would buy the ECM 5446 Construction Plans, Circuit Boards, and Custom Heat-sink from Remote Systems, Inc. (that's us), or any large electronics parts house like "Digi-Key", "Jameco", "Newark" etc.  See below links further down this page on where you might get the transmitters.

This information is also available in the "ECM 5446 Construction Plans" which you can purchase  -  it includes the part numbers, detailed description of every component needed, and where to buy these parts to build the ECM 5446.  See ECM 5446 Construction Plans with Sample Pages.

Question: How much does it cost to build the ECM 5446.

Answer: It costs approximately $500 or less to build the top of the line "mph/scrambler combo".  This price includes the cost of the circuit board, plans, and parts.

Question: What tools do I need to assemble the ECM 5446.

Answer: Soldering pencil, solder, wire stripper, Phillips or flat screw driver and patience.

Question: Can I build this myself?

Answer: Yes, no special skills are necessary except for soldering.

Question: How long does it take to build?

Answer: Anywhere between 4 to 10 hours depending on your skill level.

Question: How much does the transmitter's cost.

Answer: Old cost was $600 for one set of X & K transmitters.  They "were" available from Advanced Receiver Research, phone number is 860-485-0310.  As of 6-1-2000, they no longer have any more for sale.

There may be other sources of transmitters that you can use.  You can try searching the internet.  I do not know of any at this time.  Below are some links that people have sent me that might be helpful when trying to locate transmitters.  I have not personally checked all of these links, but have included them for your convenience.

Advance Receiver Research is the only link that I know of, that "use to supply" the transmitters to our customers, but do not do so anymore at this time.  https://www.macom.com was the main manufacture that built these transmitters.

Below are the other links that people have sent me.  I personally have not gone to all of these links.


Other possible search terms: Gunn Oscillators, Gun Oscillators, Radar Gun, Transmitters, Transceivers, X band, K band, Ka band

Question: Is this an "Active jammer" or a "Passive jammer".

Answer: It has always been an "Active" type.  Output power depending on configuration is, 250mw per band.  Maximum total of 4 bands per ECM 5446, totaling 1000mw (1 watt)  -  a slave ECM 5446 can be added for an extra 1000mw giving a total output of 2000mw (2 watt).

Question: Does it need a radar detector as a triggering device?

Answer: Yes, but it can be triggered manually also.

Question: What radar system do you recommend?

Answer: We recommend a radar detector like the Valentine One or Escort.  If you decide on the Valentine One, you will need to get their "optional" remote head.  The "trigger plans" on how to build the trigger system for the Valentine One, Escort, or any other radar detector with a visual LED warning system is included when you purchase the "ECM 5446 Construction Plans".

Please note that the "trigger plans" will work with "any" radar detector.  We do not recommend the cheaper type radar detectors that are out there.  Valentine's phone number is 800-331-3030.  Escort's phone number is 800-433-3484.  If those numbers are not correct or has changed, you can look in most any car magazine "Car&Driver", "Road&Track", "MotorTrend" and you should be able to find their phone number.

Question: Is it legal to use the ECM 5446 to block or jam police radar?

Answer: No, it is "illegal" to block or jam police radar.

Question: If I buy the "ECM 5446 Construction Plans" and decide "not to build" this ECM, can I return the "ECM 5446 Construction Plans" and get a refund?

Answer: No.  This information took "time and money" to assemble together and is not free, and since it is in written form it can be easily copied.  Therefore written information cannot be returned.

Question: How do I pay for what I buy?

Answer: You can pay for it by: (1) credit card; MasterCard or Visa, (2) PayPal, (3) Money Orders and Personal Check's must clear before shipping.  No other form of payment other than the 3 that are listed is accepted.

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Question: Why is there no support for the ECM 5446 anymore?

Answer: This is not a radar and jammer business as it was in the past.  Only the ECM 5446 construction plans are still available for those who are interested in this "stealth technology" and how it works.  There is no technical support on this product.  Hopefully I've covered as much as I can to answer your questions.

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