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Automotive Industry Comments

Automotive Industry Comments


AutoWeek 1982
"1st Remote Mount Escort Conversion Kit."

BMW Roundel 1984
"Remote Systems provide four different ways in which to hide your Escort by separating the control panel from the rest of the unit...its a good feeling to have the security of an Escort without that conspicuous black box in the windshield."

Car Stereo 1985
"Remote System's modified detector and ECM 5446 particularly effective for instant-on radar."

Car and Driver 1985
"Remote Systems...High sensitivity, excellent appearance and utility, and a commendable resistance to false alarm.  Sensible way to go.  Rated #1."

Car Stereo 1986
"Considering the Escort's performance advantage, it's easy to see why a number of enthusiasts......select the Remote Systems modified Escort.  Now Remote Systems has another reason to select their products, the first production radar jammer."

BMW Roundel 1986
"Remote Systems...The kits prove to be high quality, the instructions being clear, well written and well illustrated. Friendly folks and a nice kit are all fine, but does the conversion work?  In a word, excellent.  Using my regular visor mount Escort for comparison, I ran with both in my car.  The verdict was a welcome one...there was a difference in response with the edge going to the remote! Hurrah!  After this I immediately ordered a kit for my second car."

Car and Driver 1996
The Bottom Line Our adversaries in blue were surprised at the defeating performance of the Remote Systems ECM 5446.  We prefer the ECM 5446 because it combines the advantages of both a jammer and a radar detector...it works only when it's needed and doesn't set off everyone's detector all the time.


"Your product is very practical for those of us who have had several Escorts stolen, and who still believe the Escort be the finest."

"Excellent unit.  I think it's great."

"Extremely sensitive unit - technologically state of the art.  The best radar detector made even better by becoming remote."

"You have a world class remote radar detector, the next best thing to diplomatic immunity."

"Your workmanship and manner of doing business are great - you can be proud of the service and end product."

"Your product was easy to build, very reliable, and has saved me and my RX-7 many times."

"It's a pleasure to see innovative design and fabrication in an aftermarket product that really works."

"Work's well, seems better than the original mount."

"Good system, Well done."

"Your workmanship is beautifully executed."

"The unit works great, and is inconspicuous.  Perfect for one who wants the protection, but not the worry of a premium radar device in and around N.Y.C."

"I'm very impressed by your company's service and quality."

"It's a pleasure doing business with you."

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