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Kickstarter Project

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3D Printed kickstand4u mobile kickstand - Tablet Extender - Tripod Mount

Kickstand4u mobile kickstand

kickstand4u Tablet Extender - CAD Drawing

Tripod Mount Multi View

Click here to view Multi Angle prototype of Tripod Mount with ks4u inserted

Just open your kickstand blade to the maximum open position - notch #4 and slide the kickstand blade of the kickstand4u™ mounted on your device into the kickstand4u™ Tripod Mount.

If connected to a tripod with a "ball head" mount, then it can be adjusted and used in "both" the Portrait and Landscape positions.  Your choice on the orientation simply depends on your viewing preference - Portrait or Landscape.

Note: shown below is the first prototype of the kickstand4u™ Tripod Mount mounted on a small fixed head Joby flexible tripod.  This Joby tripod with its flexibility can allow your device to be in either the Portrait or Landscape position with a little bit of work.  But to really appreciate Portrait and Landscape positions on any type of tripod is to use a true "ball head" mount.  This will make the orientation of your mobile device a simple twist from Portrait to Landscape and back again.
Tripod Frontview  Wood PrototypeTripod Backview Wood Prototype

Note: shown are the side and bottom views of the kickstand4u™ Tripod Mount.
Tripod Sideview Wood PrototypeTripod Bottomview Wood Prototype