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Question: How does it work?  Click the "Play" Button.

Answer: When using your mouse, you will notice that the major area of friction is the palm of your hand, and sometimes your wrist and/or forearm.  The MouseGlider glide-able mousepad allows you to place your palm on a friction free glide system that allows the user to easily glide over any "hard" surface and most "other" surfaces as well.  The Deluxe version adds a new dimension when using micro movements.  It gives your mouse a consistent slickness and the option of being able to "fix" the mouse to the Glider, for those that prefer that method and feel.  The MouseGlider can be used with or without a mouse pad.  Note: if using a mousepad is needed, then the hard surface variety are best.

Question: Will it work with my mouse?

Answer: The MouseGlider mousepad will work with all mice, whether it be "ball or optical", "wire or wireless", "PC's or Mac's", and all manufactures like DELL, Gateway, HP/Compaq, IBM, IBM compatibles, Logitech, Microsoft, including Apple, Macintosh, and many others.

Question: Will I need a mouse pad?

Answer: Although the MouseGlider was designed for smooth hard surfaces and will work with most other surfaces as well, no you do not need a mouse pad, unless you are currently using a "ball" mouse and need traction or if you are using an "optical" mouse and the surface does not reflect the optical light well.  If either is not the case, than using a mousepad is not necessary, allowing you the freedom of a "virtual mouse pad".  Note: if using a mouse pad is needed, then the hard surface variety are best.

Question: I have carpal tunnel, will the MouseGlider mousepad help this problem?

Answer: It is possible the MouseGlider may help, as the energy needed to move the mouse is greatly reduced by the fact that the friction you normally have is greatly diminished.

Question: Is this the same idea as those stick-on Teflon mice feet, or special mousepads that are designed to make your mouse glide better?

Answer: No, neither one eliminates the main friction point, which is the palm of your hand.  Only the MouseGlider can give you the total comfort of truly being friction free.  Note: if using a mouse pad is needed, then the hard surface variety are best.

Question: Who benefits most from using the MouseGlider?

Answer: Those who use their mouse constantly, like you do when surfing the web.  Perhaps your job requires extensive mouse use.  Web designers, graphic designers, cad users, spreadsheet users, or perhaps you play computer games.  Anyone who has their hand on the mouse for long periods of time will love the MouseGlider.  In fact some of these users will find that the friction-reducing MouseGlider can free them from the limited area of a conventional mouse pad, giving them a much larger "virtual mousepad".

Question: What do you mean by a "virtual mouse pad"?

Answer: Usually your mouse movements are limited by the mouse pad size that you have on your desk, with the MouseGlider system, you may be able to eliminate the use of your current mousepad.  Doing so will give you the freedom to move your mouse around your desk without mouse pad size limitations, therefore giving you the sense of a very large mousepad that is only limited by your desktop.

Question: What are micro movements?

Answer:Micro movements are small movements that one does when moving your mouse only with your finger and thumb while the rest of your hand is stationary.

Question: What are course movements?

Answer:Course movements are large movements that we all use when your hand and mouse move in unison.

Question: I don't have a use for the included forearm protector, what else can I use it for?

Answer: It works great as a coaster, a graphic's pen aid, or as a Mini Palm Glider for micro mice that you use for laptops.

Question: My mouse is not listed as one that will work with the MouseGlider system, what can I do?

Answer: The foam top from the "Uni Fit" MouseGlider Small system, is easily trim-able to accommodate most size mice.

Question: Besides credit cards, what other type of payment do you accept, and how is it shipped?

Answer: We also accept personal checks, company checks, and money orders.  After the check clears (usually a few days), it is then shipped via US Mail.  Larger shipments are shipped via UPS, FedEx, and other freight carriers.

Feel free to send us other ideas, uses, and questions.

Thank You for Your Interest!

Patent No.: US 7,997,544 B2

Disclaimers: Videos, photos, drawings, illustrations, prices, and the like are subject to change without notice.

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