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Current Product

Current Product

My latest endeavor is a mobile kickstand.  A Patent Pending device I call kickstand4u™  This will work on all mobile phones, small and large tablets, e-readers etc.  Basically, the kickstand4u™ will work on all mobile devices of any size whether you use case or not.

With so many devices coming with larger screen sizes, and more coming to the market every few months.  It seems odd that you are not able to properly take advantage to view or hold them without resorting to carrying another accessory which is cumbersome in itself.

Almost all of these devices do not come came with any sort of stand. Your only choice is to find something where you could prop them up against in either the vertical portrait or horizontal landscape position so you could enjoy hands free viewing.  Even then they never seem to stay put or in place.  Carrying another cumbersome and sometimes bulky accessory is an after thought and not very portable at best.  As light as some of these devices are, holding them still became rather heavy after prolong use.

That was the beginning of my Patent Pending(s)
kickstand4u™ with Sure Grip, and Tablet Extenderwas born.  After many prototypes, I have come up with a simplistic yet highly functional design.  There are other various kickstands and holders in the marketplace.  But this is truly the best of breed, and where one size fits all, and because you attach it your device, it is always there with you.

Ergonomically designed and engineered to give maximum functionality, it is designed to be super thin, lightweight, and snag free.  The easy open and close design of the with kickstand4u™ with Sure Grip allows for a quick and comfortable way to securely grip your device to provide a drop free experience,  and a kickstand to give you the ultimate viewing comfort in any angle no matter what mobile device you have.  For larger devices, simply slip on our Patent Pending Tablet Extender for even more flexibility.

It can be used in both portrait or landscape mode on all mobile devices from one mounting position.  Not a "either or" with size or placement limitations like the others in the marketplace.

The kickstand4u™ can also functions as a handy way to securely hold onto your device which I call Sure Grip™, all you have to do is simply squeeze the end of the  kickstand blade to release itself away from the base.  This allows you to slide your fingers thru to securely hold your mobile device.  It is also a comfortable way to hold any mobile device including small and large tablets during extended viewing.

True functionality at it's best and the most reasonably price!  The Ultimate accessory for all of your mobile devices.  So please check it out and see if you don't agree!



Don't forget to check out the different combination packs for extra savings.  The exclusive Patent Pending Tablet Extender™ is a simple slip on for the kickstand4u™ kickstand that will increase viewing pleasure on all size tablets and e-readers.

Super thin, Lightweight, and Snag free.  All the while giving you the ultimate in functionality!