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Simply the Best Speed Gun Calibrators

Simply the Best Speed Gun Calibrators

Remote Systems, Inc. is your only source for the most powerful active radar jammer and speed gun calibrator available, the ECM 5446.  Currently we are only selling ECM 5446 Construction Plans, Circuit Boards, and Custom Heat-sink.  Please Check the "ECM FAQ's"

ECM 5446 "ACTIVE" Radar Jammer:  We designed the ECM 5446 back in 1984.  Research and Development has continued to update the ECM 5446 until the end of 1990.  We no longer build the ECM 5446, but we still sell the "ECM 5446 Construction Plans, Circuit Boards, and Custom Heat-sink" along with a very limited supply of remaining hard to get parts.

March 1996 Car & Driver Article on Active and Passive Jammers "Do Jammers Work?".  As described in the CAR & DRIVER March 1996 issue, it currently only jams X & K band microwave.  Although no more future Research and Development is planned, you will be able to add Ka band and/or super wide Ka bands via either our main or slave unit(s) when more powerful transmitters become available.

Also see a short compilation of news station reviewing the ECM 5446.  Quality is a little poor, but you will get the idea.

Past radar jammer tests from various national automotive magazines have tested the ECM 5446 against all current past and present (1984 thru 1996) crop of radar jammers currently available.  We have always come out being the best of the bunch.

The "PASSIVE" radar jammers that are currently available on the market are nothing more than a scam.  These units have little ability to jam radar.  Most actually do nothing at all.  See Car stereo Spring 1986, Automobile June 1993, Car & Driver March 1996, just to name a few.

As of 8-01-95 we are only selling the "ECM 5446 Construction Plans".  We used to sell the ECM 5446 assembled (as shown in CAR & DRIVER March issue 1996), but no longer do so.  If you buy the "ECM 5446 Construction Plans", you will still have to buy the transmitters as before, for the ECM 5446 to function.  Although you can trigger the ECM 5446 manually, automatic triggering from some type of radar detector is best.  The ECM 5446 without transmitters is basically an electronic paperweight can do nothing on its own.

The difference between our ECM 5446 and the current one mode radar jammers that are available:  Our ECM 5446 is an "ACTIVE" type radar jammer.  It is not designed to be portable, must be installed, and benefits most from auto triggering via radar detector for set and forget best performance.

The ECM 5446 has two mode's of operation.  They are as follows:

(1) The first mode is the scramble mode.  When triggered in this manner, the police radar will see nothing and hear nothing.

(2) The other mode is the miles per hour mode.  When triggered in this manner, the police radar gun will see whatever speed you dial in at the control panel via a small remote dual seven segment digital display.  The police radar gun will also hear the proper audio Doppler tone associated with that speed you dialed in.

NOTE: Since the ECM 5446 is accurate to more than two decimal points, this can easily used to check and calibrate police radar guns that need repair or to simply verify their accuracy.

Radar Jammer Truths and Myths:  Since 1993 (maybe even before) all the "PASSIVE" type radar jammers that have been marketed by various manufacturers (some were just relabeled under a different name) have been proven ineffective by many national magazines and qualified engineers.

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