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Awesome Benefits!

Awesome Benefits!

Enjoy the best viewing angle on your mobile device from any position hands-free!  And don't forget to check out how to take the sharpest pictures day or night from your mobile device!

The Perfect companion accessory

For those that travel by plane and need a simple way to prop up your device of any size for viewing on those extended flights, or at your morning breakfast for a quick news read before heading off to work, kickstand4u™ is always with you!


kickstand4u™ (Patent Pending) mobile kickstand, a light, comfortable, super thin 1/8th inch thick snag free accessory.  Thin enough to still fit into leather pouches of any style, pants pockets, docking stations, and car cradles.

It is the only one of its kind, an Original Universal Fit-All kickstand with Sure Grip  This is designed to work perfectly with my newly designed add-on's that I call Tablet Extender, and Tripod Mount.  These will work on all mobile phones, small tablets, e-book readers, iPods, iPhones, or iPads (larger and heavier tablets may need two).  Works with or without a case, and easily removable without damage to the attached surface.

No need to carry another piece of bulky equipment around or trying to find a way to lean your phone against something for a hands free stable and comfortable viewing angle.

Adjustable in both Portrait and Landscape positions to ensure perfect stable viewing angles of your choice.

kickstand4u™ mobile kickstand is simple and easy to install; (1) locate desired area and attach, (2) open to use, (3) a simple tap on the blade to close.  Attaches to almost any flat surface whether it be the back of your phone or a protective phone case for a thin 1/8th inch thick smooth snag free fitment.

In most cases the slight 1/8th inch thickness of the kickstand4u™ mobile cell phone kickstand will lift the camera/video lens away from a potentially damaging surface, and also help protect the back of your phone cover against surface scratches and scraps that occur when simply laying your mobile phone or device down on its back.

And for those that like the look, feel, and weight of their mobile device "naked" as designed from the factory, instead of adding a bulky case, the extra weight, and a different feel that comes with it, or if your preferred case doesn't have a built-in kickstand, you can now have the advantage of the ultimate kickstand4u™ mobile smartphone kickstand that you can use anywhere or anytime.  Lightweight, barely there, unobtrusive, and snag free.  No need to try and find something to prop your device up against for viewing ever again.

Reusable, and easily removable!  Can be transferred to your next mobile phone or device.  See video for helpful removal tips if needed here.

Enjoy the comfortable and adjustable hands free viewing angles when sitting at your desk, whether it be in the Portrait or Landscape position with kickstand4u™ mobile phone kickstand.  Great for when you are using video web-cam like Face-Time or Skype, or when using your phone as an alarm clock, when watching videos or slideshows, or using as a simple desk calculator.  These are just some of the many uses that can be made more comfortable with the best viewing angle provided when using kickstand4u™ mobile kickstand.

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Thanks again for the interest!

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