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MouseGlider&trade Use Instructions

MouseGlider&trade Use Instructions

1) Open package and remove the forearm protector by cutting or snapping the small plastic tabs away from the MouseGlider or MouseGlider Deluxe mousepad

2) Lay the MouseGlider mouse pad plastic side down, and center your mouse into the MouseGlider's opening.  Now rest the palm of your hand on the large foam base section of the MouseGlider and start sliding your hand and mouse around the table as if you were waxing a car or cleaning a window, and that's it!  Experience a friction free glide system, with or without a mousepad

Helpful Tips

For optimum performance, try and keep the mouse centered in the MouseGlider's opening when initially grasping or using the mouse.  This is so there is enough "play" for micro movements and will become second nature the more you use the MouseGlider Mouse Pad System.

Note: For printable instructions and helpful tips, click here to view or "right click" to download the MouseGlider Standard and Deluxe pdf file.

Note: To eliminate rubbing from a low mounted mouse cord, you might have to trim the foam toe of the MouseGlider as shown here.

For mice not listed, we recommend trying the "Uni Fit" for Small Mice which can be trimmed to fit almost any mouse.

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Patent No.: US 7,997,544 B2

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